C + T

Dance Party

Long + Strong

C + T = Chair + Towels. Get creative with a folding chair for this full-body shred. Exercises such as squats, lunges, pushups, tricep dips, and abdominal work, targets the legs, butt, arms and core. Finishing with towels (as gliders) on the floor to superset your centre, this workout enhances your agility, balance, and body awareness.

*Note: C + T may be hard on your wrists. Indoor running shoes only. No exceptions.

Groove, move and sweat out all inhibitions on the dance floor. Together, we bop to a range of choreography, followed by bodyweight and core conditioning exercises, finishing with a deep stretch. This progressive cardiovascular training will help improve your endurance and stamina.

*Note: Indoor running shoes only. No exceptions.

Pilates-based movement is the foundation of this class, with repeated lunges to target your balance and warm up the hips setting the pace for an active start to this workout. Powerful ranges of motion mixed with yoga-inspired transitions increase your agility and improve your range of motion, followed by dance-based lengthening stretches to facilitate ease of joints, ligaments, muscles, and tissues.


*Note: Barefoot or grippy socks only. No exceptions.

Pillar + Open Gym

Recharge Yoga


Every ‘Fitness Friday,’ we focus on form and spend the first 15 minutes of class working through a weekly exercise technique to build strong foundations. After this guided breakdown, you are free to follow our suggested workout plan or create your own using any of our equipment with supervision from one of our OMJ Instructors.

*Note: Indoor running shoes only. No exceptions.

Recharge Yoga is our steadily-paced yoga class inspired by Vinyasa and Ashtanga’s structures. Here, we typically travel through poses to build mobility and strength, focusing on toning abdominals, arms, and the ass. We juxtapose challenging sequences to increase agility and power with relaxing moments to lengthen the body. Inspired by breath support to facilitate quick transitions, Recharge Yoga integrates Pilates-inspired movements, generally moves faster, and may include a meditation element to build your athleticism and endurance and improve your overall well-being.

*Note: Barefoot or grippy socks only. No exceptions.

SAAASS = Strengthening of abdominals, arms and the ass for stability and support. This slow-moving, muscle-building weight training class is a great way to chisel and tone your body with heavier weights and fewer repetitions. Presented as AMRAP or Tabata circuit-style, this workout will fire up your physique and get those engines burning and sculpted.

*Note: Indoor running shoes only. No exceptions.



Tough Love

SculptBarre is our strength-based barre workout that emphasizes toning the body through repetitive exercises with lighter weights, working to increase musculature and power. Here you will chisel and firm up your body, carving definition by executing said movements specifically.

*Note: Barefoot or grippy socks only. No exceptions.

SweatBarre is our cardio-based barre workout that builds heart health with repetitive movements, lighter weights, and a fun combination that challenges your body. Accelerate your heart rate, elevate your mind, and sweat out all your toxins at the barre. This workout will leave you dripping via 30 minutes of progressive cardiovascular training to enhance your endurance and stamina.

*Note: Barefoot or grippy socks only. No exceptions.

Tough Love is our signature boot camp class. It uses both lighter and heavier weights and targets your cardiovascular endurance and strength. Be prepared for anything and everything here with regards to circuits and timers – your legs, butt, arms, abs, and back will enjoy (tough) love during this session. Our last few minutes together will always focus on a gentle cool-down stretch.

*Note: Indoor running shoes only. No exceptions.


This HIIT circuit class consists of three different rounds of fire incorporating the TRX straps, Bosu ball and core work. A dynamic bodyweight warmup prepares us for this workout, followed by stations throughout the room. Each station presents itself with challenges but ultimately will build your cardiovascular endurance and strength.

*Note: Indoor running shoes only. No exceptions.


At OMJ, our classes are suitable for all fitness levels, with options available for progressions, regressions and modifications accessible if needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our LED panels at OMJ FITNESS contain flashes of light, which may potentially trigger seizures for people with known or unknown visual sensitivities and/or photosensitive epilepsy.

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